Floating Elbow, Epic Dark Steel


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Protect effectively otherwise vulnerable and exposed parts of your body with this a pair of floating elbows against attacks of any kind. Robust but nevertheless comfortable and flexible with great mobility they can be attached to the elbows with straps for an individual fit and are perfect in combination with a gambeson. Made from 1 mm thick steel with rivets and no sharp edges to make them safe for LARP weapons. What makes this piece of armour from the Epic Dark range by Epic Armoury so special is the unique raised pattern and the dark steel as it represents a more raw and ancient look. A perfect addition to your LARP character if you tend more towards the dark side, but can of course be worn with many other characters like renaissance or gothic, too.

– Delivery includes: 1 pair (= 2 pieces) floating elbows
– Material: 1 mm steel, leather (straps)
– Size: one size
– Total weight: approx. 1543 g
– Length: approx. 29 cm
– Width: approx. 13 cm
– Arm circumference: approx. 21 cm min./approx. 37 cm max

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