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Modell från 16-1700 talet.
Denna användes för att skjuta iväg de antända granaterna mot fienden.

Hand Mortar / Grenade Launcher with Flintlock

The Hand Mortar was constructed for fortress war, because there were no useful applications on the open battlefield due to its limited range of firing. It fired powder-filled hollow shells, which were ignited with the help of an attached fuse. It was used until 1850.

This true to the original replica features a rosewood shaft and a hardened steel flintlock. The barrel and trigger guard are made out of brass. There are two metal hangers attached the shaft to mount a carrying strap.

Our firearm replicas are intended for decoration or re-enactment. The muzzles have not been drilled, so the weapon is not functional.

A beautiful item for every collection and an indispensable accessory for re-enactors.

Key features:
– Flintlock made of hardened steel
– Gun stock made of oiled rosewood

– Total length: approx. 61 cm
– Weight: approx. 5.1 kg
– Barrel length: approx. 19.5 cm
– Opening diameter: approx. 63 mm


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