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The „Claidheamh Mòr“ is a large two-edged broadsword used formerly by Scottish Highlanders. This sword was made after the original exhibited in the National museums of Scotland in Edinburgh. It dates from the early 16th century.

  • 148 cm – total length
  • 112 cm – blade length
  • 50*5 cm – blade section at the guard
  • 2.45 cm – width of the blade at the tip
  • 5.2 cm – diameter of the pommel
  • 28.2 cm – length of the guard
  • Weight: 2940 g (at 2mm thick blade edge)
  • POB: 13 cm
  • Blade of spring steel W.Nr. 1.7102 (DIN 54SiCr6) quenched to a hardness of approx. 53 HRC

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