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Musköt, en s.k Blunderbuss tillverkad i stål samt träkolv.
Pipan är ej genomborrad så detta är en dekorationsmodell i och med att den ej är uppborrad.
längd: 79 cm
Vikt: 3,2 kg

he blunderbuss musket is a muzzle-loading firearm with a short, flared and trumpet-like brass barrel. It is an early form of shotgun or muzzleloader.

Most of these guns are medium-sized, being smaller than most shoulder-fired arms, but also larger than a pistol.
The blunderbuss was typically issued to troops such as cavalry, or seamen and pirates, who needed a lightweight, easily handled firearm.

This replica of a Blunderbuss Musket features a doglock with security bracket (dog) and a trigger guard made out of steel. The barrel is made of brass.The skillful crafted shaft and butt are made of rosewood.

Our firearm replicas are intended for decoration or re-enactment. The muzzles have not been drilled, so the weapon is not functional. A professional gunsmith can drill the muzzle and change this non-functional decoration musket into a real firearm.

A beautiful item for every collection and an indispensable accessory for re-enactors.

– Material: Rosewood, brass, steel
– Total length: approx. 79 cm
– Length of the barrel: approx. 41 cm
– Weight: approx. 3.2 kg

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